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Meet Eugenia Llorca, Edelman Madrid’s “Chief Morale Officer”



In just five years in the Corporate and Crisis practices at Edelman Madrid, Eugenia Llorca has grown from an intern to a senior account executive and the office’s CSR ambassador. She has won the trust and respect of her vast array of clients, and these great relationships are apparent in her outstanding Edelman Excellence Client Satisfaction Review scores—the majority of which are above nine (out of a possible 10).

But Eugenia is not just an exceptional worker. What makes her stand out, and a prime reason she was named a 2013 Charles E. Fremes Q Hero, is her commitment to consistently and creatively improving Madrid’s office culture and the welfare of her colleagues.

We talked to Eugenia about her many hats, what it means to be “chief morale officer” and some of her favorite Edelman moments so far.

Tell us about your job. How do you find the time to go above and beyond your basic responsibilities?
I am a senior account executive in the Corporate practice in Madrid. Since I began at Edelman in January 2009, I’ve worked for a variety of high-profile clients. I think organization is the key to success in my job. Tasks usually change during the day, so it’s important to prioritize.

In 2010, you were appointed chief morale officer. What does this role entail? How do you ensure each employee feels welcome and respected in the workplace?
I am the third person to take on this role. My predecessor chose me because I represent the required skills such as enthusiasm, professionalism and pride in being a part of Edelman. I try to share these skills with my colleagues through different activities that facilitate team building. Some examples of these activities are after work drinks which take place twice a year, and the “Edelquiz,” which features questions about Edelman’s departments and helps increase staff´s knowledge about the firm.

Describe your favorite Edelman experience to date.
It’s so hard for me to choose only one experience! My career at Edelman is full of good moments with my colleagues and clients. I’m so proud to have been given a Q Hero award because our colleagues wrote my candidature and my clients added quotes as well. If I had to choose, I would describe the following two moments:

  1. When I was chosen as “Best Colleague of the Year” in 2011. I was so honored to receive the highest number of votes in my office.
  2. When we organized the “Edelmoment” last year. Each department had to choose its best moment throughout the year. I didn’t have any idea, but the best moment my department chose was when I was given the Q Hero Award. They presented the trophy to me then (they had hidden it) — it was a fantastic surprise!

What has been the most challenging aspect of your time at Edelman so far?
Over the past five years, I have learned new things every day. I remember how quickly things went in the first months: press releases, pitches new business, documents, Q&As, more documents… I was a trainee but had responsibility, and my bosses treated me the same as any other team member. I am still challenged every day.

Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?
I think Edelman is the perfect platform to learn the structure of public relations: organizing press conferences and media travel, preparing different documents (Q&A, press releases, media briefings) and contacting the media. Edelman is the pioneer company in the PR industry. This is why I want to develop my career path at Edelman, not only in Spain but also in other Edelman offices and practices around the world.

Janice Rotchstein is the chief quality officer for Edelman.

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