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In addition to the new language, new market, new office and colleagues, my Fellowship experience has given me an extra challenge: bring Brazil’s Brand Attitude methodology –which adds value to Edelman’s global Public Engagement approach – to Canada.

Brand Attitude is about all kinds of brand interactions with audiences across social, environmental, cultural, sports or lifestyle causes or events. It’s a concept from my former agency Significa, which was acquired by Edelman in 2010.

Within Edelman Significa, I focus on CSR.  So I plan how companies can build credibility and trust, drive conversation and engage key stakeholders through social and environmental causes.

In Brazil, CSR programs are not a matter of choice; society expects that companies work on partnerships with governments and NGOs to find solutions to social and environmental issues. That reflects the decrease on trust that Brazilians have in government and NGOs, according to the 2012 global Edelman Trust Barometer study:


But, I wondered: would I find the same favorable scenario to social and environmental brand attitude in Canada?

I was pleased to found out that the answer is YES!

The 2012 goodpurpose™ study shows that in Canada, following the global trend, 89% believe that business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests as on business’s interests and only 21% believe that business is doing well at addressing societal issues.

People may be concerned about the gap between consumer expectation and companies’ performance, since it could drive disillusionment, disengagement and distrust.

But for me, it seems more like a great opportunity to share my experience in helping companies find their purpose and meet consumers’ expectations. And, for the next year, I will share my insights and key learnings of this (exciting) challenge in this blog.

Tais Niero Pinheiro is a global Edelman fellow in Toronto, from São Paulo

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