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Pinterest and YouTube Release New Features, as Facebook Presents New Ad Policy



Pinterest Announces the Release of Lens

Lens is a tool inside the Pinterest mobile app that uses machine vision to detect objects, allowing users to point their phone camera at food, clothes and more, and Pinterest will suggest related objects. For example, users can point Lens at a pair of shoes, then tap to see related styles or ideas for what to wear them with. The new feature is rolling out as a test on iOS and Android next week.

YouTube Releases a Live-Streaming Feature on its App

YouTube has announced plans to bring its desktop live-streaming feature to smartphones. The Live button will sit at the top of the YouTube app. Once a user taps it, they can write a title, take a picture for the thumbnail and begin streaming – it will have the same features as a regular YouTube video. While this update is currently for YouTube creators with more than 10,000 subscribers, the feature is slated to roll out to everyone “soon.”

Facebook Updates its Ad Policies and Tools to Protect Against Discriminatory Practices

Facebook announced the steps taken to prevent discriminatory advertisements on its site. After meeting with civil rights leaders and policymakers, Facebook has a new advertising policy, advertiser education and stronger enforcement tools to prevent advertising discrimination.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle.

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