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The beginning of a new year is often followed by the fulfilling feeling that you can be better; it’s time to self-evaluate, to think about what will make 2013 a successful year, and to set some personal goals.

In the same way, the new year can bring inspiration to our work and help us evaluate what we could be doing better for our clients.

Of course, this kind of evaluation should happen on an ongoing basis, but what makes this a good time to rethink our strategy for clients are the trends for the new year. What will the conversations be about? Where will they be happening?

It is worth it to take a look at how these trends will affect your client and how you can take advantage of them. In my option, if brands choose just one new year’s resolution this year, it should be: GO MOBILE!

Some people may be surprised to know that Mobile Moments is (still) one of the 10 trends for 2013 according to Trendwatching. Thought QR codes and mobile apps are so last year? Wrong!

The mobile experience is still not for everybody. The smartphone penetration in Brazil, for example, is only 14 percent, while numbers in Canada are higher at 54 percent.

In my experience living in these two countries, I would say that the mobile world is still in its infancy. But this will change quickly, and soon the world will have their eyes more on the little screens than on the big ones.

The time is now to take the risk and lead the movement. To engage with consumers, it’s not only important to tell a meaningful story, but also to tell it on the right platform, where your target audience is and where you can be heard.

A good example is the eBay mobile*, an app that, not only allows you to buy a gift wherever the inspiration hits you, but also helps you to hunt for the best deal. You can search for items on-the-go using the app to see all similar products and compare prices.

It is important to note that mobile strategies shouldn’t just be about fitting big screens into small ones, but should maximize the “on the road” moment, giving service and experience “to-go” to keep users connected.

Tais Niero Pinheiro is a global Edelman fellow in Toronto, from São Paulo.

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*Edelman client
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