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President Rousseff’s Administration: A Government of Changes



The results of this year’s Brazil Political Observer indicate President Dilma Rousseff has gained sympathy and credibility from the population at-large, as well as industry and business communities by adopting a less partisan and more institutional position.

The National Congress of Brazil building by Edelman’s Thomaz D’Addio

Released by Edelman Brazil’s Public Affairs practice, the annual Brazil Political Observer provides a broad overview of the country’s key growth areas and an analysis of the current president’s administration.

This year’s study examined Rousseff’s efforts over the course of her first 18 months in office – efforts that favored job creation, investments and the internal market – yielding Brazilians an annual increase of their average economic growth from 0.5 percent to 4.5 percent.

Understandably, these policies have translated into an impressive 77 percent public approval rating – the highest ever registered in Brazil. This is especially remarkable considering the public’s 65 percent, 63 percent and 61 percent disapproval of Taxes, Healthcare and Public Safety, respectively.

As initial excitement abates, focus will shift towards facing Brazil’s current realities and addressing the social and infrastructure reforms that have been postponed for the past decade. This new direction will afford the public sector an opportunity to play a vital role in the contribution to and implementation of these public policies.

Companies already understand the importance of building and maintaining transparent and ethical dialogues with the government, recognizing the importance of being heard and considered a reliable source of information. But for both local and foreign companies, alike, operating in Brazil will require organizations to fully appreciate the current political landscape and Rousseff’s upcoming policy initiatives before charting effective government engagement strategies.

Gisela Antakly Martinez leads the Public Affairs team at Edelman Significa. She has over 12 years of experience in government and public sector communications companies.

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