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The Resilience Equation: Social Good Summit Lesson



Mashable’s Social Good Summit was chock full of lessons applicable to social good all-stars, companies dedicated to innovative corporate social responsibility and creative nonprofits.

“Never waste a crisis,” explains Pat Christen, CEO of HopeLab. “Everyone has resilience, and resilience is inherent in innovation.”

According to Christen, this is the formula for bouncing back:

Purpose + Connection + Control = Resilience

Resilience is most important in times of disaster. Here’s how your company can use this equation to guide employees and consumers in times fraught with confusion and sadness.

Purpose: Be clear about why your company is responding to a disaster. Do you have offices in affected areas? Are you devastated by the impact wrought? A general, “We are saddened by this incident,” won’t cut it. Make it personal.

Connection: Employees and consumers want to know how they’re connected to your company’s disaster response. Provide your audience with ways to give when they’re feeling most generous. Utilize social media to spread the message of how your company is helping those in need, and give staff and customers sample social status updates too.

Control: Have a disaster giving plan. Know who in your office will be in charge of writing and responding to disaster materials. Control the narrative by providing one place for your audience to donate that includes several nonprofits working to rush relief to those in need.

Resilience: When the disaster coverage has died down and your audience’s interest in this issue has markedly declined, do an internal check-in and see how your company did. Make notes on what you did well and how you can do better next time. Create an impact report citing funds that the company, employees, or consumers contributed to the disaster, then share it with your internal and external networks.

Check out our 5-step, no-fail disaster giving plan for more information on how your company can utilize a framework to inspire the generosity of its network.

Question for discussion: Does your company think about disaster giving? Why or why not? If so, what’s your corporate disaster giving plan?

Allison McGuire is the corporate marketing associate at Network for Good. Read more of her posts at and follow her on Twitter @CaliMcG.

Image courtesy of Allison McGuire, taken during a panel on social good community building.

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