Global Citizenship

São Paulo’s Partnership for the Eradication of Hunger and Poverty



When Edelman chose to focus on eradicating hunger and poverty for its “Summer of Service” global volunteer effort, each Edelman office got the opportunity to partner with local NGOs focused on this issue.

São Paulo is a global city, with all the benefits and problems such a city can provide. Therefore there are hundreds of organizations running projects in the area of eradicating hunger and poverty.

In order to choose our partner, Edelman Significa walked the talk and did the same we usually recommend to our clients – we held a public selection. This is a structured and democratic process where clear criteria are set and any organization can choose to participate. By the means of an online form, NGOs could apply and choose which of Edelman’s services they would be interested in receiving, allowing us to effectively leverage our skills to meet their needs.

The selection process was led by external specialists, who analyzed all of the applicants. Maristela Baioni, a United Nations representative in Brazil, Adriano Campolina, president of Action Aid in Brazil, and Clarice Linhares, director at Banco da Providência, made their decision based on topics such as the level of commitment to the eradication of hunger and poverty and the relevance of the pro bono service. Ultimately, they selected UNAS as the winner.

UNAS is an organization located at Heliopolis, the biggest slum area in the city. The organization was created on the 1980s by local dwellers and since then they have developed several projects to improve the conditions of the community. As part of their pro bono services, UNAS requested that Edelman develop communication plan to reach key stakeholders. In this video you’ll be able to hear directly from them how this will contribute for their activities.

Luisa Lima is a brand attitude analyst in the Edelman Significa office and for the past year has been involved in the local implementation of Global Citizenship.

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