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Shadow Over A Sunny Region: Trust in Asia Pacific



While “there is no such country as Asia Pacific,” there are a few broad insights which can be applied to the region. Of the four ‘institutions’ (government, media, business and NGOs) we measure, only Government went down in Asia Pacific. Measured globally, the only institution that gained in Trust was media. Asia Pacific remains considerably less gloomy than the ‘West.’

However, I believe much of the power of the Edelman Trust Barometer is in local results, which is why I was excited to add two new APAC markets to the survey this year (Hong Kong and Malaysia). And while overall, the APAC markets remain bright, Japan is a case study in the fragility of trust. Japan was always one of our more stable trust markets, but this year in the wake of the earthquake, tsunami and the Fukashima fallout, trust has plummeted.

Japan is without doubt the toughest market in the world for any business to build trust right now, explains Alan VanderMolen, Edelman’s president & CEO of global practices:

David Brain is the President & CEO of Asia Pacific at Edelman.

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