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I recently moderated a panel discussion for HRMAC’s social media interest group. We explored how organizations can build successful advocacy programs and attract top talent using social media. The panel agreed that the very first step is defining a company’s employer brand, which is at the heart of talent attraction (social or otherwise). From there, using social media for talent attraction requires organizations to embrace transparency and two-way dialogue, which may be a seismic shift for more traditional companies.

Some of the most practical takeaways the panel shared included:

  • Keep in mind that everyone has a voice – candidates and employees. Listen to concerns and respond to feedback, including comments on Glassdoor. Our panelists shared that research indicates that 75 percent of employees have a more favorable opinion about a company if they see the organization responding to feedback.
  • Trust your employees and treat them like adults. Give them some basic, non-prescriptive guidelines for using social media and educate them to look for opportunities to be a company advocate. Focus on what one can do, not what one can’t do.
  • Think like a marketer. Inside of just tracking number of applications and hires, start measuring your reach and engagement. Quantify how you’ve saved the costs of ad buys by empowering employees as brand advocates, for example. Doing so helps demonstrate the value of your efforts and builds the case for sustained investment.
  • Instead of asking, “should we use Instagram for recruiting? Facebook? LinkedIn?” take another page from the marketing playbook and develop personas based on the people you’re looking to attract. Tailor your content and channel strategy to target those passive candidates. Go where they go.

Tamara Snyder, executive vice president, Employee Engagement.

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