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Taipei Celebrates Summer of Service with World Peace League



For Edelman’s 603 “Summer of Service”, Edelman Taiwan continued to collaborate with the World Peace League (WPL). WPL provides many innovative, voluntary service campaigns, including volunteering for the prevention of domestic violence and sexual abuse, helping protect children and teens, guiding abused children, aiding poor families, caring for elders and helping youngsters learn.

This summer we choose the project “Saving the Hungry Children.” Hunger is a big issue in Taiwan’s remote districts. Of the 240,000 children in Taiwan, one in ten cannot afford school lunches on a regular basis. These children, who often go hungry at meal times, rely on assistance from their schools or the government. Many schools pack leftover school lunches for children to share with their families.

The goal was set to fundraise NT$20,000 for WLP to provide school lunches for 20 children for an entire month. We created a donation money-box and sent it out to our friends and family to help gather donations. We also brought in goods, valuing at a total of NT$5,000, to sell in an online auction, with the proceeds going to WPL. To date, half of the items have been sold. The total amount fundraised in NT$16,621, which provides close to 15 children with a meal. We hope our efforts will result in more children and their families being able to receive this much needed assistance.

Julia Chu is an administration manager in Edelman Taipei and has been in charge of charity programs since 2012.

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