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Throughout our 60-year history, Edelman’s business model has been pretty simple: focus on the things that allow us to do great work for our clients and the numbers, for the most part, take care of themselves.

We constantly invest in innovation, thought leadership and ensuring we deliver the highest quality service. And we invest in our staff – not only in financial incentives but in training and wellness. We know that if we get these things right, what will result is strong organic growth at profit margins that will allow the cycle of investment to continue. We do not drive the business to optimize margins – we drive the business to optimize client service. Financial success is a clear result.

A great example of how this all comes together is our Global Fellows program, which gives Edelman employees the opportunity to move between mature and emerging markets. In addition to the obvious career building benefits for the Fellows, clients benefit directly from the knowledge shared between markets.

Another key ingredient to success is the way we have embraced procurement. We recognized years ago that we were better served by partnering with our clients’ procurement teams. We view client finance as a core competency and we’ve invested heavily in global systems and training.

Our business model allows us to work seamlessly within our matrix of global geographies, practice areas and specialty businesses as well as, if not better than, any other firm in the industry.

​Victor Malanga is an executive vice president and the worldwide chief financial officer.


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