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Regardless of location, the message remains the same: businesses must earn the license to lead.



The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer was presented in over 25 cities across the globe. From Tokyo, where trust was shattered, to Beijing, where trust was bolstered, audiences at our events learned and debated the elements of trust. Our panelists, who ranged from global CEOs, top academics, non-profit leaders and political insiders, provided insight into not only why trust matters in their fields but how. Even with big names on our panels, societal attributes were the stars of the show. Their importance to our survey pool exemplifies the need for business leaders to look at their work a bit differently. While operational attributes are required for business to succeed, societal attributes are required for business to lead. Producing high quality products is as important to trusters as listening to company feedback – they rank equally as the number one reason why someone trusts a company.

In the UK, we listened as our panelists illustrated problems in Spain. In New York, we heard of the rise of China. In Davos, we discussed the peril of Japan. Actually, in every city we discussed the peril of Japan. The shifts in Japan exemplify the fragility of confidence. Trust is to be sought, nurtured and maintained; that was the consensus of our 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer tour. And here’s what that tour looked like:

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