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Twitter Shows Tweets Out of Order and More Social News



Twitter Changes Timelines to Show Tweets Out Of Order

This week, Twitter announced that it will roll out an algorithmic generated timeline that will bring some tweets to the top of their feeds. Similar to an extended “while you were away” feature, tweets that Twitter thinks most people want to see will show up at the top of a user’s timeline, followed by Twitter’s normal reverse chronological timeline. The update will be rolled out to all users over the coming weeks and can be turned on and off from the settings section.

Automated Captions Coming to Facebook Video Ads

Facebook discovered that captioned video ads have an average view time of 12 percent longer than non-captioned videos. They also found that 41 percent of videos communicated little to no value without sound. The solution? An automated captioning tool for video ads that will be delivered to advertisers within the ad creation platform to review and edit. It will be rolled out over the next few weeks, initially for U.S. English captions only.

The Next Wave in Storytelling is Short-Form Video

Following the popularity of last year’s launch of Meerkat and Periscope, as well as Snapchat’s current surge in video traffic, marketers are expecting social video, especially live streaming, to go big in the coming year. Facebook recently added live stream capabilities, and Instagram’s newest video feature allows users to view curated collections of video clips.

Aileen Aquino is an account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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