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Twitter Gets More Personal With Customer Service and Other Social Updates to Know



Twitter Lets Brands Get More Personal with Customer Service

In the platform’s recent update, Twitter gives brands the ability to display avatars and employee names in direct message conversations. This update automatically up levels customer service by adding a human feel, and is grounded in Twitter’s research showing that personalized customer service is around 20 percent more satisfying and productive to consumers than generic corporate interactions.

Facebook Announces TV App for Various Platforms

Facebook announced its launch of a new standalone television app for Samsung Smart TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire T V that allows users to watch videos from friends, “liked” pages and top live videos on their TV screen. This update will include recommendations for videos based on a user’s interests and the ability to watch saved, already watched, shared and uploaded videos.

Instagram Launches Gallery-Style Photo Albums

Instagram formally introduced a new feature that allows users to create an album by including up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. The feature was beta tested earlier in February and will be live in all countries over the next couple of weeks. Instagram albums allow users to individually edit each photo and followers to swipe through content, carousel-style, just like they would on a Facebook album.

Survey: Snapchat Is a Fleeting Hobby, And Ads Don’t Stick

A recent survey released by Fluent indicates Snapchat’s peak may be coming to an end. Of all the findings, the most interesting is that one-third of all Snapchat users believe they won’t be using the platform five years from now. Additionally, 44 percent of the 3,327 adults surveyed said they always skip ads, while only 9.4 percent never skip ads served to them.

Lauren Switzer is an assistant account executive with Edelman Digital in Seattle

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