Crisis and Risk Capabilities

  • Social Intelligence Command Center: Edelman’s state-of-the-art facility tracks emerging risk, creates real-time risk analytics, shapes content and calibrates social-engagement strategy. It has been deployed successfully as a remote center of operations to engage and manage crises with insight, control and brand benefit.
  • Crisis-Preparedness Audits: Clients have benefited considerably from our systematic preparedness audit that evaluates their readiness for crisis risk. Edelman uses digitally administered surveys coupled with qualitative due diligence to generate a client report card with recommendations that span the spectrum of crisis-readiness capability.
  • Emerging Risk Landscaping: Through in-depth research, we develop a plan-on-a-page that outlines key areas of vulnerability around a specific issue, various levels of threat and strategic responses.
  • Crisis-Plan Development and Socialization: Focused strongly on social media and on integrating communications with operations, finance and legal, Edelman takes an “inside-out” approach to fashioning a crisis plan. We address core risks, enhance the acuity and speed of decision making and ensure clients are well-prepared to manage and respond to all threat levels promptly and appropriately.
  • Crisis Training: Edelman’s immersive approach to training gives crisis managers a set of skills and ways of thinking that transform the crisis from an unnatural crisis environment into more familiar terrain. We tailor our trainings to match the needs and culture of the organization guided by the imperative for speed, subject-matter expertise and a bias for action.
  • Global War Room: With an active network of crisis counselors across the globe with specific expertise, we routinely set up physical and virtual war rooms that ensure rapid response, guide strategy, and activate tactical execution across all stakeholders, borders, language and culture.

For more information about our capabilities in Crisis and Risk, please contact Harlan Loeb.

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