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Yang Yang: 'water-boiled' beef with Sichuan peppercorn and dried chilies front, ganbian fei chang - dry-fried pig intestines with green peppers and Sichuan dried chilies - behind

Reaching the Center of China’s Plate: 5 Values for Food and Beverage Marketers

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Kimberly McAndrews grew up in a multi-generation American farm family. She couldn’t define “foodie” or “GMO,” but could identify every vegetable in our backyard garden.

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Simplifying “Paid” for Marketers

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Social media marketing is blurring the lines between owned, earned and paid. While this has limited brands’ ability to leverage the organic reach of content, it has also given brands the impetus to break silos and create multiple, yet specialized touch points with their highly fragmented target audiences.

Energy Frankfurt

Content Generation in the Energy Sector: The Elemental Essentials

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As your science teacher no doubt told you, hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. Though you never see it, with one single proton and one single electron, hydrogen is fundamental for the universe. For communicators in the energy sector, content, like hydrogen, is always there. And there is lots of it. In fact, there is more content than ever before.