Charitable Foundations

Like never before, charitable foundations need to engage key stakeholders on critical local, national and global issues. Societal expectations for progress fuel the need for foundations to play a major role in how we address economic, environmental and social challenges. Increasingly, charitable foundations are competing to advance their positions, engage key stakeholders and ignite action on important issues.

Having long represented a diversity of charitable foundations, many of which are widely recognized for the innovation of their programming, Edelman understands the potential that is unleashed when purpose is used to trigger stakeholder activation.

Therefore, we are uniquely equipped to help Charitable Foundations advance their mission, build effective partnerships, implement signature programs, communicate their relevance, value and impact as well as track and measure success.

Our team of specialists combine deep expertise in foundations and the audiences they serve with the breadth and depth of strategic and creative resources to help our clients to catalyze and communicate positive social impact.

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