The Edelman Quality DNA is reflected in many ways including Chairman’s Quality-Infinity Award. The highest honor a client, team or employee can receive at the firm, it recognizes the success that can be accomplished through partnership and collaboration as goals are achieved that go beyond expectations. (Design by Bennett Awards)

How We Q

Through a dedicated Chief Quality Officer, a client evaluation system, a network-wide professional skills development program and a global best practices approach to operations and service, Edelman has taken an industry lead in key client satisfaction metrics. Among those most often mentioned: quick response to changes in strategy or direction, full service capabilities, involvement of senior management on accounts, media relations, meeting deadlines and keeping promises.

Edelman is committed to delivering on our Quality Pledge to clients every day: 

Together with our clients, we will be partners in dynamic, creative relationships. We will thoughtfully and responsibly identify their objectives and assemble the right mix of skills and resources to meet them. We will value their perspective and anticipate their needs. With intelligence and ingenuity, timeliness and accuracy, we will deliver informed analysis, strategic thinking, effective writing, breakthrough creative, excellent execution and sound measurement. We will be committed to the smart financial management of their businesses. We will exceed their expectations every day.

The Details

To build long-term, rewarding partnerships with clients while meeting their business and communications objectives, we operate Edelman Excellence (E2). The evaluation process not only keeps programs running smoothly, but allows for mid-course changes to best meet evolving client needs and fluctuating industry trends without losing sight of agreed upon goals. E2 enables thorough assessment in five areas – Quality of Performance, Quality of Thinking, Quality of Service, Quality of People and Quality of Relationship.


The E2 findings are also used to shape superior client management by analyzing the feedback according to the firm’s worldwide, regional and local operations, as well as our practices, services and companies. New methodologies are shared through professional skills development seminars and infused into daily procedures. For example, our “Right from the Start” meeting establishes working parameters to ensure an Edelman team has a clear understanding of the client’s intent.

In an industry where only 38 percent of PR firms have quality programs and few ask all their clients to appraise them formally, Edelman has set a global milestone by receiving more than 7,000 returned client questionnaires since November 2002. Today, we have a consistent and strong “8.5” global client satisfaction rating (out of 10) and a 56 percent return rate demonstrating the value put in this evaluation process by all involved. Our teams are constantly striving to receive more “perfect 10s.”

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