A simple belief guides Revere: We live in the future – enriching in many ways and difficult in others. Technology, industry and society are constantly outpacing each other. Sometimes amazing technology pushes new boundaries in business and society. Other times, societal needs dictate perceptions and use of new technology.

The intersection between people and our innovative tools is where we find the great stories. These intersections spark a call to action, stir a deep affection, or inspire reverence. A tipping point where the seemingly impossible becomes a seamless part of life. As technology-enabled brands reshape the world around us, how you tell that story can be as important as the problem you’re trying to solve.

At Revere, we find the watershed moments when an idea occurred, a collaboration was sparked or a course was changed. Revere is its own legal agency within the Daniel J. Edelman Holdings family of companies and is committed to technology-related clients. We help define the essence of a brand and create lasting connections with an audience. We put the crowd above the cloud. In a noisy market of products and campaigns, our talented team understands the powerful intersection between technology, business and society.