Data Security & Privacy

As more of our daily lives go online and the data we share is used in new and innovative ways, privacy and security have become important trust and reputation issues. For businesses, the growing volume and sensitivity of information being shared, stored and used is driving demand for greater transparency about how such information is being protected (security) and managed (privacy). As a result, data security and privacy have moved from the backroom to the boardroom. Data breaches and privacy missteps now regularly make headlines and are a focal point for social media discussions and legislation worldwide. Failure to communicate on these important issues can damage business by eroding trust, tarnishing brand and reputation, as well as undermining competitiveness.

Our Data Security & Privacy team helps companies navigate the increasingly complex environment surrounding the collection, use and protection of corporate and personal data. The group assists companies by enhancing trust and advancing brand, reputation and competitiveness through communications and stakeholder engagement. We work with companies across a variety of sectors to prepare for data incidents, manage security and privacy issues, influence the policy agenda and define leadership positioning.

We help companies and organizations:

  • Prepare for and manage communications around a data breach or cyber-attack. Through developing clear decision-making processes, we help companies communicate quickly and thoughtfully following a data incident.
  • Understand and influence the policy agenda. Edelman works with a leading technology industry trade association to influence the security and privacy policy agenda as part of its comprehensive technology policy platform in Washington, D.C. and Brussels.
  • Manage security and privacy concerns with a product or service. We work with leading technology companies to manage potential privacy and security concerns, such as when releasing an electronic medical records system.
  • Develop privacy and security thought leadership programs. Edelman helps the International Association of Privacy Professionals raise visibility of the privacy profession through a comprehensive thought leadership program.
  • Launch security and privacy products. Our experience spans consumer, enterprise and professional services; including anti-virus vendors, networking security solution providers and cyber forensics firms.

Edelman’s 24/7 Crisis Hotline: 1-866-EDEL-911. Please note that this hotline is for immediate crisis support only and is not intended to be used for any non-crisis question such as employee inquiries or advertising/marketing/sales solicitations.