Media are essential channels that inform financial markets, shape investor opinion, protect reputations and improve understanding of business performance. Edelman works with clients to identify and engage with the media and journalists that reach the financial audiences most important to your business.

Executive Positioning & Thought Leadership

We partner with founders, CEOs and business leaders to help them enhance their reputations and strategically elevate the visibility of their firms through thoughtful and measured brand-building initiatives. Our team works closely with clients to leverage their intellectual capital and make their leadership, story and insights more visible.

Select services include:

  • Media, Conference & Event Strategies

  • Executive Platform Development

  • Preparation and Rehearsal

  • Content Creation

  • Product Marketing


Financial Media Relations

To effectively drive visibility, firms need to tell their stories in an integrated fashion across four distinct channels: Traditional, Hybrid, Social and Owned.

Edelman works with clients to identify and engage with the media that reach the audiences most important to your business. We have strong relationships with top-tier news outlets and journalists at key industry trade publications, and have extensive experience working with our clients’ spokespeople to ensure they are on message and prepared to effectively represent their organizations.


Regulatory & Enforcement Actions

Firms that do not take the time to prepare for various scenarios and/or sensitive matters often find themselves scrambling when such
a situation arises.

Our team obtains a full understanding of your organization and situation, develops proper protocols and response guidelines to help safeguard your reputation and partners with you to prepare and ensure you can neutralize business risks.

Select services include:

  • Communications Strategy

  • Scenario Planning

  • Media Strategy & Implementation

  • Investor Communications

  • Influencer Outreach

  • Digital Communications & Social Media