Investor relations is the bridge between a public company and its investors. Edelman partners with clients to develop and maintain a company’s investor communications clearly and consistently. Our work spans comprehensive investor relations services for public companies, to periodic strategic communications counsel to executives. This range reveals our focus, to provide tailored services to our clients specific to their needs and strategic objectives. Whether this means overhauling aspects of engagement with stakeholders or taking existing communications objectives and tactics to the next level, our team has the experience and tools to add value.

Comprehensive Outsourced IR Capabilities

We offer a complete suite of investor relations services to properly equip clients to engage with investors and enhance valuation.

Investment Narrative Development

We advise companies on telling a clear and compelling story to analysts and investors. Our team helps clients identify the key themes that are critical to their success in unlocking shareholder value, and counsels on how best to incorporate messaging into all investor content.

Shareholder Analysis & Research

Our capabilities include evaluating risk within a current shareholder base, performing targeting analyses, and conducting investor perception studies to offer clients a comprehensive view of current risks and future opportunities.

Investor Planning & Outreach

Our team implements communication best practices to elevate investor materials, and create effective plans for investor marketing to both buy-side and sell-side stakeholders.

Investor Days

We partner with companies on planning and staging investor days – including narrative and script development, presentation design and creation, as well as media and analyst research.

Ongoing Investor Relations Programs

We offer broad investor communications services, from “normal course business” IR such as quarterly earnings support, evaluating peer sets for valuation analysis and  best practice strategies, to thoughtful IR advice during transformative times such as management change, corporate crisis, M&A, or governance issues.

Harnessing New Media and Innovative IR Approaches

In addition to traditional distribution streams, more companies are using social media to update investors. Our team leverages social media to engage with industry thought leaders that can further tell our clients’ stories.   We also help our clients to help visualize their financial results in ways that add clarity and provide greater insight into the company’s performance and outlook.