Although the world may know us for famous theme parks, we attract more than tourists. Orlando is an up and coming metropolis and an integral hub for technology, health care, tourism and international trade. Edelman Orlando is deeply attuned to the needs of these industries and the complexities of communicating with the region’s highly dynamic and diverse population.

As the market continues to grow, Orlando is attracting multicultural, young residents. With a median workforce age of 34 and one out of every six Orlandians born outside of the country, the city offers a preview of what the U.S. will resemble in the next 20 to 30 years.

Snowbirds have become more than seasonal visitors. Their health care needs have been met with a stronger health care infrastructure ranging from hospitals to medical specialists. At the same time, our 50 million visitors a year have caught the eye of major retailers and restaurateurs, who routinely look to Orlando as a launching point for their newest endeavors.

Centrally located in Florida, the country’s third most populous state, our professional ties reach in all directions including clients in Jacksonville to the north, Tampa to the west and Miami to south. Our work spans the digital landscape, traditional media relations, and a full suite of integrated offerings.