Tish Van Dyke

Tish Van Dyke

With nearly 20 years of experience as a public affairs practitioner and counselor, Tish develops and oversees strategic communications programs in the corporate and policy arenas, as well as among thought leaders who influence them.

Tish has expertise in both food and health, and an acute awareness of these areas’ alignment within the public domain. She works with clients to build and implement messaging strategies and platforms.

Tish has designed and built platforms for companies looking to grow their corporate reputation in the health space and counseled associations, employers, managed care companies, medical providers and pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers on issues that are debated within policy and regulatory circles. Tish has been instrumental in planning and managing campaigns around issues that play into health reform proposals.

In addition to a degree in history from Trinity College, Tish holds a master’s degree in modern British history from Durham University, England.