Effective (But Effortless) Learning

Employees today are agile learners — they are more networked, empowered and curious than ever before. Edelman responds to the needs of our learners by delivering a more engaging learning experience focused on curation, collaboration, coaching and craft.

Our vision is to create a global learning culture in which everyone, everywhere has the opportunity for personal and professional growth that drives success for our clients. As Nigel Miller, our Chief Human Resources Officer, notes: “For employees to remain relevant in today’s constantly changing world and help us achieve our Communications Marketing ambition, they must be students of our craft.”

Development is hard, but that doesn’t mean that the learning experience has to be. Research shows that delivering an effortless learning experience impacts how people apply what they learn 2.7 times more than delivering simply an engaging learning experience. To make learning easier for our employees to access, consume, and apply, we are taking the next step forward with the introduction of a revamped Edelman Learning Institute (ELI).

Our new ELI platform offers:

  • Formal, informal, social and experiential learning in a single platform.
  • “Learning Channels,” where internal experts and employees can publish content to the platform on demand. Think Netflix for learning!
  • A mobile app that enables employees to consume content on-the-go, 24/7 and in the moment of need;
  • Customizable learning plans that guide employees in their day-to-day learning and in their career journeys over time.

Built on a tradition that began in 1998 at Edelman, our Leadership Academy enables leading talent from across the globe a unique opportunity to participate in an intensive professional skills development and educational workshop conducted by Edelman executives and experts from various fields.

This year, 68 of our top leaders from 40 different offices around the globe gathered in beautiful Atlanta to participate in a truly leader-led coaching experience. Our Edelman executives and experts led small cohorts in learning structured around three pillars: Client-Centric Leadership, Thinking Differently and Igniting Growth. Over the course of three days, the program introduced content and case work to support our next level leaders in the development of the respective areas of expertise. Each delegate left the Academy with a personalized learning and the tools to coach others back in their local offices.

Along with the introduction of our new Edelman Learning Institute, a Leadership Academy, and a redesigned Global Curriculum, we seek to develop and execute programs that consistently meet the skill and knowledge needs of our people for today and tomorrow. These efforts will help advance global Communications Marketing leadership understanding and capabilities, facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices, and, ultimately, help position Edelman as the leading global Communications Marketing firm.

Matthew Black is EVP and Global Lead of Learning & Development at Edelman.