Marketing Begins With Public Relations

So excited that the newest members of the Edelman family, Deportivo, have just been recognized for their creative work over the past year. Below, Mattias, one of Deportivo’s founders, shares his thoughts on the recognition and why now is an exciting time for brands. ~ Matthew Harrington

Edelman Deportivo was recognized tonight as the Gold International Small Agency of the Year by Ad Age*.

I have to admit, I am surprised and humbled. The award considers companies that have less than 150 people – last year we had only 15 employees. I founded the firm with my brother and a colleague a little more than four years ago. We are a creative firm with PR sensibilities, which makes us stand out amongst the other winners tonight. On the other hand we have had an exceptionally good year with our clients, resulting in awards from digital, effect, experiential and PR organizations.

This award emphasizes that modern marketing requires far-reaching campaigns that touch people’s hearts and minds, and makes them an active part of the experience. According to Ad Age, one of the best agencies of any kind this year has a PR mentality. This isn’t a fluke. It’s a shift. Our industry talks about owned, earned and paid media as if they are three equally important channels for providing results for clients. The truth is that all marketing needs to earn the time and attention of recipients, no matter which channel they use.

This is why a PR strategy is increasingly important for marketing executives. It involves brands in larger conversations, engaging people in discussions and protecting them when things go wrong.

Working with galvanizing ideas and innovation as core operating principles, it doesn’t matter how many people you have working at an agency. The people your work reaches are the ones who will do the real work for you.

Now, imagine if a global agency of 5,000 people would work like this on a local and global level. That is what we will do at Edelman. And that’s why PR, in my eyes, has never been as exciting as right now, or as important for the big brands to master.

*The award is for work done 2013, before Deportivo was acquired by Edelman. After the merger with Edelman’s existing Swedish office, Edelman Deportivo will have 30-35 employees. The office will keep focusing on creativity and innovation, for local Swedish and international clients.

Mattias Ronge is CEO of Edelman Deportivo.