Photoshop is so much more than photo manipulation. It's the most powerful tool in the world for designing original art of any kind. We needed to engage and inspire the Photoshop community to dream bigger and do more with Photoshop.

Through research we learned that our Photoshop community loves to play Dungeons & Dragons. So, we partnered with Wizards of The Coast, creators of D&D, and wrote a new story about a terrifying monster in the Ruins of Undermountain. Then we challenged the creative community to bring the Terror of Undermountain to life in Photoshop.

We created ads and social content using D&D miniatures and a 3D printed dungeon. We partnered with some of the most popular fantasy artists to create content, host live monster-making tutorials, and illustrate a downloadable custom creature kit.

We also secured dozens of highly targeted media stories throughout every phase of the campaign to drive engagement and signups.

The Impact

  • 200,000 engagements
  • 20,000 signups
  • 5,000 monster kit downloads
  • 3,000 new Photoshop downloads
  • 2,000 monsters created