For far too long, Black men have been unfairly stereotyped. New research from Dove Men+Care finds that when shown an image of a Black man, white men are most likely to describe him as an athlete over any other profession. This deep-seated bias has rooted itself in the fabric of society, limiting opportunities and potential for Black men.

During this year’s March Madness®, the U.S. men’s college basketball tournament, Dove Men+Care is spotlighting the multidimensional stories of former NCAA student-athletes with its new “Off Court Champs” campaign, as a continuation of the Commit to C.A.R.E. Now initiative.


Longstanding racial stereotypes coupled with current-day biased reporting, reality and scripted television have perpetuated false and negative depictions of Black men that not only impacts the way in which the world views them but also how Black men view themselves.

To challenge these limiting stereotypes and help change the way Black men are seen and treated in society, Dove Men+Care has enlisted seven “Off Court Champs,” who are former NCAA student-athletes turned CEOs, lawyers, artists and more to showcase and celebrate their stories outside of their athletic talent. These champs include CEO Justin Drummond, poet Terrance Hayes, quilting superstar Michael C. Thorpe, philosopher Onaje X.O. Woodbine, author Adonal Foyle, artist Desmond Mason and politician Terry Dehere.

Dove Men+Care is also partnering with the NCAA to launch Off Court Clinics, a series of virtual workshops in which the Off Court Champs will draw from their personal experiences to provide today's student-athletes with guidance on how to achieve their career aspirations.

As part of the call to action, Dove Men+Care is inviting all to join in disrupting and dissolving these harmful stereotypes by going to and pledging to challenge racial discrimination and champion legislative change.


Off Court Champs launched on March 17, 2021 and the campaign is currently active. Please check back in at a later time to learn more about the full outcome of this campaign.