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The Simple Truth

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We did a unique study with consumers from across the globe exploring their real feelings about innovation and new relationships with brands: The Earned Brand study.

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How We Can Create a Culture of Well-Being

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During a Wellness Salon at our Edelman New York office, we discussed one of the most critical issues confronting all of us today: Well-Being. We posed the question to prominent change-makers in health and wellness: How Can We Create a Culture of Well-Being?

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DePaul University Commencement Speech

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As communicators you will have one foot in the world of the company and the other in the outside world of media, NGOs and consumers. You are the essential bridge, the ones who balance the often-competing needs of shareholders and stakeholders.

Building Trust

Are Midwesterners More Distrustful?

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Perhaps mirroring Missourians’ “show me” penchant, Midwesterners generally are less willing to trust major institutions and industries than are other Americans. That’s a conclusion of Edelman’s respected 2015 Global Trust Barometer.

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