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Democrat Election Vote and American Flag

The Changing Democratic Race

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Last week was an inflection point in the Democratic presidential race. Hillary Clinton stabilized and strengthened her position, at least within the party, at the Democratic Debate in Las Vegas.

12 Millennial Truths

12 Millennial Truths People Are Sick of Hearing

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With a group that has been over analyzed, it’s easy to make generalities and recycle the same old marketing to Millennials jargon, hoping something new sticks. As such, the Edelman planners wanted to call out these greatest hits in the first edition of the Most Overplayed Millenialisms.

Engaging with Technology

Innovation and the Earned Brand

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Far beyond the technology industry, companies have passionately embraced the theme of innovation in nearly every product and service sector in the world, treating it as an unequivocal good.


Communications Marketing and the Earned Brand

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Our survey of 10,000 consumers in 10 countries around the world found that, when it comes to brand communications, just 1 in 3 consumers say they want to be “inspired,” while more than 2 in 3 want us to “reassure” them.

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