Building Trust

For companies looking to build or restore trust in themselves and in their innovations, the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer offers actionable insights on the attributes and behaviors that shape trust.

Trust is built through specific attributes, which can be organized into five performance clusters: integrity, engagement, products and services, purpose and operations.

Of these clusters, the Trust Barometer reveals that integrity is most important, followed closely by engagement. As in years past, areas such as excellence in operations or products and services, while important, are simply what is expected.

The trust-building opportunity for business, therefore, lies squarely in the area of integrity and engagement. These areas encompass actions such as having ethical business functions, taking responsibility to address issues or crises, having transparent and open business practices, listening to customer needs and feedback, treating employees well, placing customers ahead of profit and communicating frequently on the state of the business — the very qualities also evidenced to build trust in innovation.

Engagement and Integrity

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