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Engaging Frontline Employees

Six Principles For Maximizing The Two-Minute Window



Across a diversity of industries – retail, health care, energy, manufacturing and hospitality – frontline employees are critical to engage, yet among the hardest to reach. Geographically dispersed and pressed for time, frontline employees operate in their own ecosystems with cultures and processes that can be difficult for corporate communications to penetrate.

Creating effective communications for frontline workforces takes time and planning, but investing in their engagement can lead to stronger workforce productivity, performance and retention. Here are six principles for maximizing your reach with this critical workforce:

  1. Get to know frontline employees, how they work and their communications needs.
  2. Assume you have less than two minutes a day to connect and make that time count.
  3. Shift from content creator to content curator, limiting the volume of information being delivered.
  4. Get creative with digital and social media to start a dialogue.
  5. Don’t forget the importance of the frontline manager. Arm them to communicate well.
  6. Be patient, be realistic and use communications to make frontline employees lives easier.

See below for an article that provides tips and approaches for each principle.

Geren Raywood is a vice president in Employee Engagement.

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