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When asked what keeps CEOs up at night, talent frequently tops the list. Recruiting innovative, engaged individuals to support ambitious business strategies is no easy feat. However, talent acquisition teams who embrace innovation and new technologies, focus on measurement, and most importantly, place people and culture at the center, will lead the pack.

Below are five best practices for modern recruitment.

  1. Candidates are customers, too

    Companies tend to take a “set it and forget it” approach to their recruitment efforts and rely too heavily on what has worked in the past. However, by applying the same level of rigor you would to reach potential customers, companies can build affinity among top talent and increase the likelihood they join an organization.

  2. Employer branding provides the foundation

    Don’t underestimate the value of ongoing employer brand building. Not only does it help shape and improve opinions among active and passive talent, it reassures stakeholders your company is home to the best and brightest who will advance your company, industry and the world. Ensure your employer brand resonates with talent through social media storytelling and frequent updates to your candidate experience (e.g., careers website, applicant tracking system, mobile apply process). Also, be mindful of feedback on third party sites like Glassdoor that could influence opinion.

  3. Embrace the evolving and emerging

    When taking a candidate-centric approach, testing evolving and emerging platforms should not be a daunting undertaking. Top companies increasingly take advantage of opportunities with platforms typically reserved for customer engagement. Examples of advanced uses could include: piquing the interest of a younger demographic through Snapchat, creating an experience to reinforce your employer brand using virtual or augmented reality or lead generation tactics like retargeting or account-based marketing.

  4. Your most authentic storytellers

    The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights a decreased level of trust between the general population and businesses, but an increase in peer-to-peer trust. By taking a “people like me” approach and placing your people and purpose at the center, companies can create more authentic relationships with employees – past, current and potential. To support business and talent strategies and elevate these stories further, consider empowering your employees with an engagement platform like Dynamic Signal or Workplace.

  5. Measurement is key

    Did you know it’s possible to track a candidate’s first click on a piece of content all the way through their tenure as an employee? Companies can improve processes and glean insights spanning the entire “talent life cycle” by integrating their technology stack (e.g., ad platforms, site analytics, HRIS) and following a strict measurement framework. Ultimately, this allows recruiters to focus on what’s most important: people.

Andrew Moon is a strategist, Digital practice,  Edelman Atlanta.

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