Global Citizenship

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We are storytellers. The stories we tell matter. They change how we perceive our world.

That’s why, through the craft of storytelling, we create stories with impact. We strive to ignite a global collective force for good by rethinking our global responsibility, inspiring change locally, deploying a strategy for collaborative impact and establishing partnerships for good.

Edelman is making credible strides along our Citizenship path that always challenges us to do more. We hope these stories engage and enlighten you because we love to tell them.

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Rethink Our Global Responsibility

For our Citizenship story to evolve, we must challenge ourselves to keep thinking differently and maintain our curiosity. By measuring our outcomes, we can advance our journey and impact change.

Inspire Change Locally

Local change is driven by our employees. By encouraging local initiatives, we advance learning & development, diversity & inclusion, health & well-being, and create more sustainable offices.

Strategize Collaborative Impact

Around the world, our employees assist those in need through pro bono campaigns and volunteering. Our projects focus on some of today’s most pressing social issues – from changing the culture around mental health to raising awareness of the refugee crisis.

Establish Partnerships for Good

Through partnerships with our clients, industry peers and supply chain members, we can tell bigger stories, reach higher goals and have a greater impact on our communities.

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