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A Global Affairs Report

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Richard Edelman attended a breakfast hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. In short, we are in a fine mess with unpredictable consequences.


A Significant Shift

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A number of major consumer-goods companies indicated they would be shifting away from traditional TV advertising. The reason: it no longer reaches or appeals to their target audiences

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HIspanicize - Richard Edelman


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I spent a day-and-a-half at the Hispanicize conference in Miami earlier this week. The event, organized by entrepreneur Manny Ruiz, aims to interest major corporations in the burgeoning U.S. Hispanic market.

Samsung Galaxy S8

A Giant First Step

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Yesterday morning, Samsung launched its new flagship device, the Galaxy S8 and 8+, at its unveiling event, “Unpacked.” There are several unique aspects of the smartphone, including its Infinity Display and DeX for a desktop experience.


The PR Industry at the Crossroads

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It should be boom times for the PR industry. And yet in the past few weeks, there have been surprising pronouncements from holding companies that indicate a lack of confidence in the PR business.

Image by Epic Foundation

Philanthropy 3.0

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I just met with Alexandre Mars, founder and CEO of the Epic Foundation. This is a Philanthropy 3.0 concept, beyond the long-term investor and activist investor model of Philanthropy 1.0 and 2.0.


Employees Rule

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The employee is often twice as credible as the CEO and even ahead of the technical expert. In a world of dispersed authority, the battle for the truth will be won or lost with the employees.

A bridge too far

A Bridge Too Far

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The publicists for movies have long defined the outer edge of our profession, with outrageous stunts and feigned romances among stars. But a campaign for the film “A Cure for Wellness” has gone over the edge of decency and intelligence to irresponsibility.

Middle Market

The Mighty Middle Market

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The ownership profile of the middle-market firm in Chicago differs from the rest of the country, with more family business and fewer publicly held or owned by private equity.


Through the Looking Glass

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There are a few stunning results that should be taken very seriously by all of us in the communications world. We now reside in a house divided, with huge differences in views between those who voted for President Trump and for Hillary Clinton.

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