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The media landscape has undergone seismic changes over the last 10-to-15 years. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003 [source]. The explosion of information has been a blessing for many businesses, but also poses unique challenges.

Transmedia storytelling is Edelman’s approach for telling clients’ stories in a complex media environment. Corporate stories need to be told in an integrated and holistic way considering dynamics and targets all four media types: Traditional, Hybrid, Social and Owned, employing various strategies designed to tell and amplify a story across all four “leaves”.

At the heart of this approach is our commitment to creating compelling content and using search tools and insights to ensure that the story is discovered and shared. Journalists and influencers have come to rely on Edelman and our clients to provide useful, compelling and shareable content to enhance or initiate the story. We are training our teams and clients to think about their stories in a multimedia way – not just words on the page, but slideshows, short videos, sharable presentations and podcasts. We often co-create with media – making video pieces exclusively for one influential website, which ricochet to others.

Our media groups around the world are made up of former journalists and passionate media relations experts from a wide variety of disciplines who can counsel clients. We crowd-source information, we collaborate on large scale events like the Super Bowl and South by Southwest. From previewing the National 9/11 Memorial to over 150 journalists from around the world to debuting Chipotle’s short film, “Back to the Start” online and then on the Grammys telecast, Edelman’s skilled media relations experts think about media holistically – building great stories that resonate and reverberate beyond their initial publication.

For more information about our capabilities in media relations, please contact Jo Sheldon or Lisa Kovitz.

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