Trust and Innovation

Trust is a forward-facing metric of stakeholder expectation. It is an asset that institutions must understand and properly build in order to be successful in today’s complex world. We look at trust around the world, trust across industries and how to build trust.

Trust is also an important factor in driving market acceptance of new business innovations. The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer finds that more than half of the global informed public believe that the pace of development and change in business today is too fast, that business innovation is driven by greed and money rather than a desire to improve people’s lives and that there is not enough government regulation of many industry sectors.

Toward Trusted Innovation

Countries with higher trust levels overall also show a greater willingness to trust new business innovations. Building trust is essential to successfully bringing new products and services to market, and building trust in new business innovations requires that companies demonstrate clear personal and societal benefits, behave with integrity and engage with customers and stakeholders throughout the process.

This year’s Trust Barometer offers key insights into the factors that increase and decrease trust, and defines a new formula for building trusted innovation.

Trust in Innovation

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The 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer is the firm’s 15th annual exploration of trust. We surveyed 33,000 people (27,000 General Public and 6,000 Informed Public respondents) in 27 countries around the world on their trust in the institutions of government, media, business and NGOs.

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