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About goodpurpose®

The goodpurpose® study is Edelman’s global research that explores consumer attitudes around social purpose, including their commitment to specific societal issues and their expectations of brands and corporations.

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Discovering the Me in We

It’s a brave new world where the citizen consumer has been unleashed and empowered. More and more consumers are discovering the Me (personal need) in the We (the common good).

Reengineering Brand Marketing

In this new eco system of brand marketing, Purpose is a core part of the marketing DNA, where the value of values is paramount.

License to Lead

Today, business must embrace its role as global citizen and problem solver. Business should look for ways to infuse hard, historical drivers with Purpose and societal value.

Purpose Bull Markets

China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE and Brazil - We believe these markets have already “emerged,” so we define them as Rapid Growth Economies.

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