Richard Edelman

president and chief executive officer

Richard Edelman

Richard Edelman is the president and CEO of Edelman, a leading communications marketing firm.

The firm was named “PR Agency of the Decade” by both Advertising Age and The Holmes Report.

Richard has extensive experience in marketing and reputation management, having led assignments with major corporations, NGOs and family businesses in over 25 industries around the world.

Richard topped PRWeek’s list of most powerful executives (2013), was recognized as the third highest rated CEO by Glassdoor (2014) and was inducted in the Arthur W. Page Society’s Hall of Fame (2014). He is regarded as an industry thought leader and has posted weekly to his blog since 2004. Richard is consistently mentioned as one of the top 25 foremost experts on corporate trust.

He serves on the Board of Directors of the Ad Council, the Atlantic Council, the Children’s Aid Society and the 9/11 Museum. He is a member of the World Economic Forum and PR Seminar.

Richard has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

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UN Debate 2016

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The UN Opens Up

Richard Edelman attended the UN Debate on Tuesday night and shared a few observations from the evening.

Aspen Ideas 2016

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Aspen Ideas Festival

I spoke about trust, in particular the rise of populism, the dispersion of authority and the increasing self-reference of those reliant on social media at the Aspen Ideas Festival for the first time last week.

Edelman team with Venables and Starcom receiving the Titanium Award for REI’s #OptOutside

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He Who Roars Last Roars Best

A week at the Cannes Lions has provoked the full range of emotions within me, from utter frustration and disappointment on Tuesday evening when only a handful of PR firms won in the PR category, to a hands in the air shout of triumph on Saturday night.

How Brands Can Disrupt

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How Brands Can Disrupt

The 2016 Edelman Earned Brand study identifies and quantifies a new territory for marketers that can augment the classic purchase funnel — where committed consumers themselves will drive new and repeat sales as they advocate for and defend a brand against these kinds of disruptions.

Politic relationship between Europe Union and Great Britain. Brexit

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Brexit and Trust

The UK goes to the polls in a week to decide whether or not to remain in the European Union. The electorate is evenly divided, with Leave ahead by a few points one week, Remain up two points on the next.

Day on the Quad

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The Stanford Swimmer

Many of you will have seen the story about the freshman at Stanford University who was found guilty of rape this week. The fact is that this can happen at any university at any time and unfortunately this type of behavior is becoming more common and frequent. But why?

Finance and money series

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Makers and Takers

The financial services industry has done much to fix both its reality and its reputation since the Great Recession.


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Fitness as Health

Richard Edelman went to the World Economic Forum Family Business Community meeting last weekend, where all participants sat on Swiss exercise balls for the entire 90-minute session.

Client Leadership Academy 2015

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You All Want to Work for Edelman

What a difference a decade makes. The Holmes Report headline from yesterday's newsletter is as stated above, with news that Edelman was chosen as the favorite place to work by a two to one margin over our nearest competitors in the U.S. and Europe.


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Breaking News

I have been looking for an app that helps me keep up with news stories involving our clients. The one I have been using and would suggest that PR people download is called Breaking News, a unit of NBC News.

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