Business + Social Purpose

Today, leading brands and corporations are transforming how they operate, shaping consumer engagement and smart public policy in a complex global environment. These transformative businesses demonstrate both operational excellence and societal performance. Concurrently, individuals no longer desire to be viewed as just “consumers,” but as citizens; they want to engage with brands and corporations to address social issues. The most successful organizations now must be driven by purpose as much as by profit. Edelman’s Business + Social Purpose helps brands, corporations and NGO’s unleash the power of business plus purpose for commercial success and social impact.

We create integrated campaigns that bring together experts in brand strategy, reputation and issues management, public affairs, sustainability, employee engagement, brand and corporate citizenship, strategic philanthropy, public-private partnerships, CSR strategic planning and reporting, NGO positioning, engagement and fundraising. Together, we help clients launch branded campaigns centered on ideas that distinguish them, and more importantly make an impact.

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