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  • Chad L Roberts

    The networked markets are growing faster than the companies can feasibly imagine. Employees are taking their perspectives and messages to the people, which creates the foundation of social activism. Government leaders and business leaders must adapt to the philosophical change in the networked markets and communicate with a human voice if they wish to increase their trust with the publics.

  • FlyHigher

    Trust is the new currency. You just can’t bend the truth anymore. If you want to be successful in the market it is not about your company’s power anymore. It is simply about the trust you receive in the marketplace and the appreciation you get in a Social world.

  • Crystal LaShae Broadnax

    Profoundly awesome information for business majors (healthcare sector) such as myself who just happens to preach ethics and trust on a regular basis! I so appreciate the “black and white” evidence and look forward to watching the trends in trust across the business, political/government, institutional settings as the years go by!

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