Crisis & Reputation Risk

For immediate crisis counsel

Please note that this hotline is for immediate crisis support only and is not intended to be used for any non-crisis question such as employee inquiries or advertising/marketing/sales solicitations. Please contact the local Edelman office in your area for additional help.

Edelman's Global Crisis Hotline:
1-866-EDEL-911 or 1-866-333-5911
U.S.: 1-866-EDEL-911 or 1-866-333-5911
Europe (34)240-2624
Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa: (65)634-72350
Latin America: (54)11-4315-4020
Canada: 1-416-849-3145

The trust of customers and the public is developed by how companies manage reputational risk and crisis response. This is where our global Crisis & Risk Mitigation team can help, especially when the stakes are highest.

Our team has built a proven record, validated by very high client satisfaction scores, of protecting the most important, yet fragile, organizational asset: reputation. We represent multidisciplinary backgrounds that include skilled litigators, investigative journalists, business intelligence specialists, veterans of government service and communicators from a variety of business sectors. With team members in more than 65 offices around the world, Edelman is connected 24/7 to provide strategic support and advocacy.

Our team counsels global companies, mid-sized organizations, nonprofits, government entities and high-profile individuals to tackle a range of preparedness, reputational and communications challenges. Our strength lies in an ability to accommodate a breadth of issues and scope while executing flawlessly for our clients.

Over the last 10 years, reputational crisis and risk has escalated dramatically, ushering an era when operating realities require companies to be prepared to move at the new pace of risk. With the growing confluence and influence of social media, rapidly expanding customer expectations and private regulation driven by cause-oriented nongovernmental organizations, a growing gap exists between reputational risks and organizational capacity to manage them.