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Iguaçu Falls

Bringing Brazil To Los Angeles

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Moving to Brazil was a humbling experience. Navigating a new city. Learning a different language. Finding an apartment. These challenges are taken to an entirely new level when moving to a foreign country.

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Culture and Communication

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Alicia Kim recently hosted an Edelman Learning Institute session on the cultural difference between the U.S. and Korea for the team in Washington, D.C.

Taken from the 7th floor terrace of the Martinez Hotel on the Cannes Croisette

Yes, We Cannes

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Alexandra Fahmey had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival with a team from Elan Edelman and one of the world’s leading beauty brands.

Living in Color

Seoulite Starts Living in DColor!

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I have reached the three-month mark into my Global Fellowship. I was warned that this could be a critical period – it is when the initial excitement dwindles, homesickness kicks in and challenges of navigating a different market overwhelms you.

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