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Living in Color

Seoulite Starts Living in DColor!

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I have reached the three-month mark into my Global Fellowship. I was warned that this could be a critical period – it is when the initial excitement dwindles, homesickness kicks in and challenges of navigating a different market overwhelms you.

Ocean Waves

Ready to Ride the Korean Wave?

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As a Fellow from Seoul, I have been asking my colleagues in the U.S. about their interest in Korea. Some are quite knowledgeable and many are fascinated, but most have never visited this small country of the Far East.

Paris 2015 by Alie Fahmey

The Hours That Changed Paris

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It was a strange feeling waking up in Paris on November 14, 2015 to the sounds of never-ending sirens and a city lined with local police officials and members of the military.

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