The 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer shows a continued high level of trust in the overall F&B sector. However, that trust does not necessarily translate into all sub-sectors or into the industry innovations. Our deep dive into genetically modified foods shows that consumers still have a strong resistance to GMOs - even more than they have towards AI or gene-based medicine – and serves as a case study for future innovation adoption.

The findings support the importance of managing innovation properly to gain consumer acceptance, while reinforcing the need to address consumers' concerns and engage trusted third-party voices (i.e. scientists). Consumers are looking for and relying on information online, more than any other source to find out information on new technology - so it is the job of businesses - and marketers and communicators - to make sure that they find information that is reliable and not misleading. .



have trust in the food and beverage sector; the 2-pts increase from 2023 puts trust in the sector above pre-pandemic levels for the first time.


say they trust scientists and peers to tell the truth about new innovations.

-40 pts

gap between trust in the food and beverage sector (72% globally) and Industry Innovations like GMO foods (32 %).




The survey was fielded between November 3 - 22, 2023.






Respondents / Country



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