Trust in Financial Services

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As the financial services industry continues its path to recovery, the importance of trust – or lack thereof – remains front and center within one of the world’s most vital sectors. Despite slight improvements in trust levels compared to five years ago, the demand for structural and regulatory reform in the industry remains high across the globe, and the need to rebuild trust through performance is increasingly apparent.

Today’s consumer wants to be sincerely engaged in a way that conveys a deeper understanding of their personal goals and values, and what is important to them about their financial services institutions. Yet, as negative headlines continue, it is increasingly difficult for consumers to trust when the discussion continues to surround new fees, narrow product offerings and fine print – all of which signal a return to the “old ways” of business.

So, what’s ahead? As the financial services landscape changes, so comes opportunity. Our 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer makes it clear that engagement and integrity are the path forward to building trust with consumers, employees, regulators, partners and clients. Now is the time for industry leaders to seize the opportunity by rebuilding trust in a way that is sustainable for business and puts customers and society at the center of focus.

The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer offers insights across institutions, leaders, industries and financial services sub-sectors that are valuable to assessing and building trust.

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