Edelman first studied Millennials and their relationship with financial services in 2016, and each year since, our intellectual property has been inspired by unexpected learnings and industry trends. Our 2018 edition, Millennials with Money, found that 25 percent of affluent Millennials held or used cryptocurrency, and another 31 percent were interested in using it. And nearly a quarter (23 percent) were using a robo-advisor for financial advice.

At the same time, it has been a fascinating year for cryptocurrency and digital advice. Cryptocurrency has come a long way from an academic concept and digital advice is becoming ubiquitous in financial products and services. We see the overarching goal of such innovations to be greater financial inclusion and have seen bold experimentation with the future of money and the advice we get to manage it, which are the key themes we focused on in this year’s edition, Millennials & The Future of Money.

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