Employee Experience: The art and science of transformation via communications, culture and change

How do you manage transformation in an era of constant, disruptive change? We believe that for transitions to be successful, we must reach the hearts and minds of employees to bring them along the journey with an equal mix of art and science. The science consists of the processes, tools and behavior analytics to reach the right person with the right experience at the right time. The art is the storytelling and culture shaping expertise that accelerates and amplifies that journey and makes it stick. Together, they create a compelling experience that shifts mindsets and behaviors to drive long-term impact.

Our work shapes three critical elements of the employee experience:

  1. Culture: Activating new ways of working to support the organization’s core purpose

  2. Change: Leading the organization through the upheaval and uncertainty of transformation

  3. Communications: Engaging and connecting employees in a modern, employee-centric way


Why Edelman?

We start every assignment by asking: How can we reach the hearts and minds of employees? And the answer is always uniquely Edelman.

  • We’ve been studying trust in institutions for over 15 years and we apply deep proprietary insights to deliver employee experiences designed to foster trust and confidence.

  • Our approach is data-driven. Best-practice change management processes, unique tools, and behavioral analytics are the foundation of our programs.

  • We break through the clutter with experiences that shift mindsets. Our passion for storytelling and  creativity is in our Edelman DNA and engages employees with stories that stick.


Our Framework For The Employee Journey

In the EXPERIENCING phase, we introduce change or new information in a way that builds awareness, understanding and momentum.

In the BELIEVING phase, we give employees a reason to believe and commit to shared goals and objectives by celebrating examples and sharing lessons learned.

In the LIVING phase, we engrain change into the day-to-day operating environment and culture, enabling employees to bring it to life locally and in their work.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Experiences at the center of everything we do.

  • An outside-in and inside-out approach.

  • Recruit employees as loyal stewards and ambassadors of the change.

  • Human-centered approach, powered by storytelling.


Our Team

Our Employee Experience specialists represent a diverse set of backgrounds and expertise. We also partner seamlessly with the broader Edelman network and have dedicated Employee Experience specialists in our data analytics and digital teams. Our combined strength means we can serve the widest variety of client needs. And the commonality we all share is our passion to innovate the employee experience.

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