Turning complex data into real-world insights


For more than 20 years, Edelman has been at the forefront of pioneering trust research around the world, turning complex data into real-world insights. These insights have allowed us to identify early signals of changing tides that have led to seismic shifts in culture and society.

Trust is intrinsic for those who believe in the future because it offers a predictive, reliable assessment of what will come. Trust remains the ultimate currency in relationships amid shifting expectations for organizations and people.

The best part? We know how and when to use it–and how to create strategic opportunities to maximize trust.


Trusted organizations are:



more likely to benefit from consumer loyalty


more likely to command a premium price


more resilient


Leaders have and can depend on trust as a critical key performance indicator. Keeping a trained eye on trust is how we understand overall business and brand health, create opportunities to maximize value, minimize risk and build a solid foundation for new growth and ideas to flourish.

Edelman Trust Management


To manage and measure trust, we partnered with world-renowned academics and business leaders to unearth key trust-driving pillars and build a comprehensive and actionable trust measurement framework–the Edelman Net Trust Score (ENTS).

ENTS is a singular, encompassing metric that assesses trust capital.


ETM Trust pillars


Our Trust pillars, framework and the Edelman Net Trust Score power Edelman Trust Management–a suite of powerful, flexible analytical tools, applications and advisory services that enable companies and brands to understand how to successfully manage trust as a strategic asset.

Our Edelman Trust Experts have measured and activated trust for 200+ global organizations.

Our Trust Solutions


We offer two core solutions—Trust Stream and Edelman Trust Management Studies–each with the capability to work independently or collaboratively alongside the other to measure and activate trust.



Trust Stream provides companies and brands with the cutting-edge ability to identify and prioritize business actions across internal and external audiences.

Leveraging Edelman's extensive trust data, a proprietary trust algorithm specifically trained to predict trust, Trust Stream examines thousands of data points from earned media, social content, marketing research and numerous other sources to uncover tangible insights and predict results.


ETM Studies


Edelman Trust Studies provide a unified, multi-audience assessment of your organization’s trust capital during a defined point-in-time by uncovering insights from specific audiences. Your organization’s study delivers the foundation for a forward-looking strategy including assessing performance, identifying drivers and prioritizing business actions to move the needle across your internal and external audiences.

Our ETM Studies are custom-built for Corporations and Brands.

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