We believe that climate change is the biggest crisis we face as a society. We recognize that urgent action is needed to mitigate the most dangerous impacts of climate change on both people and the planet. This requires the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an orderly global transition to a net-zero-carbon economy.

Trust is the key to progress and is premised on action. We will partner with clients who are equally committed to helping drive the transition to a net-zero future, helping them act and communicate in more powerful ways.

We are committed to creating a “Trusted Transition,” where we guide ourselves and genuinely committed clients to action and transformation, built on a foundation of trusted communication.

To get there, we will embrace the following operating principles:

  1. Work with those committed to accelerating action to Net Zero and in compliance with the Paris Accords.
  2. Put science and facts first.
  3. Advance best practices and standards for climate communications.
  4. We will ensure inclusivity.
  5. Focus on a just transition.
  6. Hold ourselves accountable

Trusted Transition will look different by sector, but for each organization it will likely involve:

  1. Setting credible long and short-term net-zero ambitions and goals.
  2. Taking meaningful action to meet those ambitions and transform its business.
  3. Ensuring honest and transparent communication with all stakeholders, from employees to communities, consumers to investors.

We recognize that we have a vital role to play — using communications to drive action, lifestyle changes and cross-industry solutions. Climate change is the biggest challenge we have in front of us, the issue that affects every client. The scale of the transition required is colossal. The global economy has never undergone a transformation this large. We embrace the opportunity to make a difference.