Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) work to transform our colleagues, our company, our clients and our communities and propel us forward. By recognizing and honoring all types of diversity—gender, gender expression, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability status, socio-economic background, experience and more—we create an environment where individual authenticity can power collective ambition.

At Edelman, we are in relentless pursuit of an equitable, impactful, respectful and culturally-curious workplace that drives innovative thinking, cultivates diverse ideas, and promotes true collaboration among our employees and our partners.

Each day and on each project, our goal is to ensure that our colleagues bring who they are to our firm — shaping cultural moments and movements at Edelman, with our clients and for society.

Driving DEI


The world is changing rapidly, and our DEI actions must evolve and accelerate to meet our employees' and clients' needs. Edelman's strategy is divided into five pillars to ensure DEI is woven into our culture, behaviors and processes.

Representation & Development
Engagement & Education
Thought Leadership
Business Impact

Belonging starts with us



Edelman’s Employee Networks help to build internal community within the larger Edelman community and provide a place and space where employees can share, learn and grow.

Edelman Boundless
Edelman Boundless is a collaborative network for employees of Asian cultures and their allies to confide and advance a collective commitment to understanding, equity and belonging. The mission of Boundless is empowered by members' unique perspectives and incredibly diverse cultures, strengthening efforts to educate Edelman colleagues on the experiences of Asian communities.
Edelman Equal
Edelman Equal's mission is to inspire a diverse and inclusive environment that enables LGBTQIA+ employees to be their authentic selves and drives forward the firm's business within the context of an evolving global society. The group focuses on employee advocacy, business development and organizational culture.
Edelman Forward unites the skills, experience and leadership of the agency's military ex-servicemembers, National Guard and Reserve employees and their families. Edelman Forward fosters a veteran-friendly workplace and community, while supporting and engaging veterans in their paths toward post-military success at Edelman. Edelman Forward also leverages our ex-servicemember employees' professional expertise and personal experiences to support and advance the former military community.
Edelman GRIOT
Edelman Griot is a network for Black employees and all colleagues who have a desire to learn more about the community. Griot's mission is to provide a space to honor, celebrate, inform, inspire and support the Black experience and our Black colleagues around the globe. With roots to Western Africa, the griot is a storyteller whose job encompasses many roles — from recounting history and sharing information to teaching students and acting as diplomats. This legacy has a strong connection to the role we play as storytellers for our clients.
Global Women's Equality Network
Edelman's Global Women's Equality Network (GWEN) is an internal initiative with a mission to continue to foster an environment where women of all backgrounds can enjoy equal opportunities to grow, lead and succeed in and beyond Edelman. Since its inception in 2011, GWEN's goal has been to achieve gender parity within our firm's most senior levels, which was reached in 2021 with now more than 50% women in senior leadership around the globe. Efforts are underway to establish new goals and programs to provide opportunities, access and growth for women across all career levels at Edelman.
Edelman Inclusivo's mission is to create an inclusive environment for Hispanic employees and their allies. The group leverages professional expertise and personal experiences to support and advance the Hispanic community through Edelman local market initiatives, projects and programs.
Edelman DCN (Disability, Chronic Illness, Neurodivergence), is a new ENG currently in development to center disability inclusion at the firm.
Edelman Uplift is a new ENG currently in development to provide programming for religious and spiritual tolerance, and to honor our diverse faith communities.

Taking Action

Partnerships and Sponsorships

As part of our ongoing commitment to champion DE&I within the PR, marketing, advertising, and communications industries, Edelman has made it a priority to partner with diverse industry and professional groups to provide leadership and growth opportunities for individuals around our network. Additionally, we work with community organizations and non-profit partners to positively impact and influence society.

Living Authentically

Authentic 365 Podcast

Authentic 365, an Edelman podcast, dives into the stories and experiences of people who make it their mission to live their truths — at the office, after hours, and at home. Hosted by a team of Edelman colleagues from around the globe, we invite internal and external creatives, communicators and change-makers of all types to speak about how they find inspiration to show up authentically as themselves and for others — 365 days of the year.


Building Trust and Connection

Edelman Week of Belonging

Edelman's 2nd Annual Week of Belonging (WOB) took place May 16-20, 2022. It offered an opportunity for colleagues across the Edelman network to engage in programming centered on aspects of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). At a time of continued divisiveness around the globe, the week also provided space for colleagues to actively engage in creating an environment of belonging, respect and inclusion. This year's theme, "Building Trust and Connection," informed programming throughout the week where employees heard from experts and leaders, both internal and external, around various best practices that put trust at the core of all we do.




Personal and expert views on DEI best practices, trends and experiences.

Inside Edelman: Week of Belonging Edition | Martine St. Victor

Martine St-Victor is General Manager of Edelman Montreal.


Inside Edelman: Week of Belonging Edition | Dan Susong

Dan Susong is Chair, U.S. Technology Sector and General Manager of Edelman Austin.


Inside Edelman: Week of Belonging Edition | Leila Shaddadi

Leila Shaddadi is Associate Vice President, Edelman Global Advisory Ireland.


Inside Edelman: Week of Belonging Edition | Jorge Diaz

Jorge Diaz is the Business Development Director in Edelman Mexico.


Inside Edelman: Week of Belonging Edition | Mazuin Zin

Mazuin Zin is Managing Director of Edelman Malaysia.





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