Citizenship is like any other business strategy. It touches every part of the organization and contributes to building stakeholder trust. Our own citizenship journey since 2010 underscores this and explains why citizenship and sustainability increasingly permeate every aspect of our operation.

Trust is the vital glue that binds all human and business relationships together and building it has been our hallmark since Dan Edelman started our firm in 1952. Trust is undeniably linked to doing what is right. Our 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights ethical drivers such as integrity, dependability and purpose drive the trust capital of business. In the wake of a global pandemic and an international reckoning with racial equality, we work to foster the trust of our clients, employees and partners through citizenship, our global corporate social responsibility mandate.

From volunteerism and pro bono work to greener offices and responsible procurement, citizenship at Edelman continues to activate a collective force for good. We aim to align all of our policies, programs and operations to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure we’re holding ourselves accountable for action every step of the way. We now center on Good Health & Well-being, Quality Education, Reduced Inequalities, Gender Equality and Climate Action, and aim to deliver 50% of pro bono projects against these SDGs in the years ahead.


Sustainable Development Goals


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In the video below, John Edelman, managing director of Global Engagement and Corporate Responsibility, outlines out citizenship progress and celebrates the dedicated employees who enable our work.

Our Purpose-Driven Work

Increasingly, we assist clients with their purpose-driven campaigns, aided by our own leadership on varied citizenship-related fronts. Our talent is one of the most valuable tools we can use to create lasting change in our communities and world. View a few examples of our work below:

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